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holy sit

it looks really good, the preloader graphics and everything, and mega lols

Very cute and imaginative.

It's rare these day's to see this type of humor being succesfully pulled off anymore. So imagine my suprise to not only see it succeded at for a change, but with a quirky art style that sticks to you all the same!

The music also stuck with me too, I think one of the reasons it's rare to actually see a flash like this being pulled off is because no one knows exactly what type of music they should use. But I believe you executed the entire thing beautifully. I'm looking forward to watching what you create in the future. So keep it going mate!


Haha in all seriousness though mate great movie talk to you on MSN about it.

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A rather mediocre experince.

From the start the game gets off to a rocky start. The voice acting all sounds rather...well they sound like crap. Plus this game has almost no action. Theres the time when you run away from the enemies like once or twice. After that, thats about it. And when you have to search for a weapon, I had to crawl all over the place before I gave up because I didn't know what I was looking for looked like and resorted to the jump menu relinquishing all my hard earned Sprite Droppings.

But I'll give you credit on the story, it does seem interesting enough and at the beginning I did actually jump once or twice. But in the end, this series needs alot more work before it reaches a level where it can be considered great, or in my opinion, good. I would suggest that while keeping the dark theme, in the next game also include more action. And if someone seems to be stuck on something, include some clues through character dialogue maybe. And also try to cut back on backtracking, the amount of backtracking in this game did kind of piss me off considering how big the entire cavern was.

I hope you take some of these things into consideration when making your next game to make it a more pleasent experince. I'll make sure to watch out for it.

Exceeded what I expected honestly.

First of all, the game was decently fun, but alot shorter than what I expected. But I'm not going to really complain about the length of time because as a first flash game, this is an really impressive start and I must say that you are definately going onto my favorite authors list. I want to see what else you can come up with.

I will make the small complaint however that the drawing kind of...lacked in some areas. Mostly in the endings. The only two that I felt fully satisfied with was the Rouge ending and the secret ending, I think the drawing in those worked rather well.

And finally, for those who are stumped and cant get the final endings, heres a tip. You'll need to meet up with a character named Dagger. You'll meet her if you choose not to go with Rouge after the prison bit, and she'll quiz you. For the first three questions, just go with the middle answer, then after that the answers are 2001 and 2002, blue and brown, and a pillar and block. Pay close attention to what she says in the ending with her. You'll figure out how to unlock the secret ending from her dialogue. And for those of you who cant quite get it all, heres how you do it. Go into the gallery and click into a picture. THen start right clicking and hitting forward. Eventually you'll come to a screen that says you unlocked the silver emerald so then exit that and click in the gallery area that says emerald and you'll find the final ending. Have fun. =3

Telsa responds:

Hmph, I thought I disabled the right click menu :P

Yes, the drawing's definitely changed in quality as I figured out how better to get them out of Photoshop and into Flash with a minimal quality filesize. But, as it took over a year to make the game, I think that the change in quality was totally understandable, at least from my perspective :D

It's a good game...

Or what I saw of it was a good game. Until after the one match I had I got banned.

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god i know ive heard this in some game...which one

nice music what game did you rip


Actully an enjoyble sonic mix. Keep up work like this and ill be forced to download all your work. (OH GOD MY HAND IS POSSED BY YOUR MUSIC!!)

very enjoyable...

Just a note first all ff7 remakes will get a zero orginality but i really dont look for that. This is a good remake so keep it up dude.

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